Hey there. I'm Zachary Taylor, a serial entrepreneur & digital numismatist.

I am the co-founder and CEO/CTO of Hydrotek, a connected fitness startup that makes hydration tracking easy for endurance athletes.

I lead the Computer-Aided Die Study (CADS), a digital humanities project at the American Numismatic Society that blends computer vision and classical studies to help numismatists identify groups of ancient coins struck by the same die.

You can view a talk I gave on the topic here, or perhaps read my thesis.

Publications and Talks
  • New Developments in the Computer-Aided Die Study (INC 2022) [talk] [code]
  • The Computer-Aided Die Study (CADS): A Tool for Conducting Numismatic Die Studies With Computer Vision and Hierarchical Clustering [pdf] [talk] [code]
  • KDP: A Distributed Pipeline Processing Tool for Kubernetes [pdf] [talk] [code]
  • Cloud Processing of PDS Archival Products With Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, and Elasticsearch [pdf] [talk]
  • Experiments in Transferring, Validating, and Releasing Mars 2020 Mission Archival Multi-Media and Imagery Data Deliveries in the Cloud [pdf] [talk]
  • Machine Learning and Data Integration for Flood Monitoring [pdf]